This can help prevent hepatitis A infection.
To protect yourself from infection with hepatitis, you must follow simple rules of prevention. Do not use unboiled water, always wash fruits and vegetables, do not neglect the heat treatment of food.
In general, contact with other people's body fluids should be avoided.
For protection against hepatitis B and C - primarily with blood. In microscopic quantities, blood can remain on razors, toothbrushes, nail scissors. Do not share these items with other people. You can not do piercings and tattoos with non-sterile devices. It is necessary to take precautions during sexual intercourse.

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Viral hepatitis - this is the name of the category of sildenafil infectious diseases. They are endowed with a number of differences, but are united by several features: they have a viral etiology, characteristic symptoms, and most importantly, they have a destructive effect on the liver. What is this group, what forms does it have, what is the danger to buy viagra? Viral hepatitis - what is it?

The incidence of viral hepatitis in the world is in second place after influenza. Types B and C are among the ten most dangerous diseases leading to get sildenafil from the consequences. Viral infection hepatitis is divided according to several criteria. According to the method of distribution, they are divided: on enteral, this means that infection occurs orally-fecally, this is typical for types A, E. parenteral viral hepatitis - diseases in which penetration into the body occurs through a violation of the integrity of the skin. These include - B, D, C. A person who has a virus in his blood is contagious at any stage.

What hepatitis is viral? Those whose causative agent is a virus: to date, 3 main types have been identified, designated by the letters C, B, A. They are popularly called jaundice (according to the characteristic symptom of diseases). Acute viral hepatitis is typical for all types, usually manifests itself brightly, the duration of viagra pills does not exceed 3 months. With proper treatment, recovery ends. When it is not possible to cope with the infection for about six months, there is no noticeable relief, the disease takes on a protracted form. The chronic stage begins after 6 months.

It proceeds in waves, with poor symptoms, but is more dangerous, since a long course leads to complications. Chronic viral hepatitis according to the ICD is even singled out in a separate class - B18. In this form, the disease does not manifest itself in many people, people learn about it by chance, having passed tests for a completely different reason. The first and last forms are often accompanied by severe complications, which can lead to death.

Viral hepatitis can be severe or viagra online.

Also, a complex course is noted when 2 or more agents are present, for example, C + B or C + D. Sometimes the symptoms are bright and leave no doubt that this is viral hepatitis of the liver.

The most common among the population, has a highly contagious status, the duration of the incubation period is from 7 days, but can hide for about 2 months. It is characterized by an acute phase, during this period it triggers inflammatory and degenerative processes in the cells of the liver parenchyma.

After treatment, recovery ends, while a person receives high-quality immunity for life.

Jaundice flourishes where there is a low standard of living, unsanitary conditions, but isolated outbreaks periodically occur in developed countries. The virus is excreted in the feces of an infected person, enters the intestines with water contaminated with feces, products, if they were touched by an infected person. Dirty hands are a common source of infection, so viral hepatitis A occurs most often in children.

The structure of the species has a complex structure, is characterized by an aggressive form, is extremely resistant to survival, can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months.

The incubation period for viral hepatitis B is from one month to six months, It is actively present in the biological fluids of its owner, especially a lot of it in saliva and semen, this is dangerous for viral hepatitis B, infection occurs when the minimum dose enters the blood. In terms of distribution, it is equated to the AIDS virus, it is most often diagnosed in young people.

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All types of carriage are inherent in it, in an acute form it usually does not lead to death, the exception is a severe course, the patient's condition can be aggravated by systemic diseases, with parallel infection with D and C. The flow resembles mild forms of type B, but is considered the most dangerous, chronic viral hepatitis C gives the greatest number of complications. Infection leads to direct contact with blood, biological fluids do not contain enough agents for infection.

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It cannot be called an independent disease, it exists on the matrix of hepatitis B cells. With joint infection, the incubation period becomes shorter, and the disease is acute, therefore it is called superinfection. Chronic viral hepatitis delta leads to an increase in complications.
According to the course and method of infection, it can be compared with jaundice, but it proceeds in a mild form. It is dangerous for pregnant women: it calls for hemolysis - the destruction of red blood cells, the kidneys suffer from this, the process often ends in miscarriage, can lead to severe renal failure, the death of the patient occurs in 25% of cases.
How is viral hepatitis transmitted? The source of viral hepatitis infection is a sick person. The main mode of transmission for B and C agents is hematogenous, that is, through the blood. How do they get into it? After blood transfusion, earlier cases of infection occurred frequently.
Now the transmission of viral hepatitis in this way is unlikely, since measures have been developed in which the ingress of infected blood is minimal. When reusing disposable syringes, needles or cotton wool. This method is usually inherent in drug addicts. When carrying out medical manipulations with poorly sterilized instruments.
When used by healthy peopleekom of toothbrushes, nail scissors or a razor of the patient. During a tattoo or piercing procedure. During sexual intercourse, infection can also occur when one of the partners is infected with hepatitis B. The C virus is not so active, so infection is possible if sexual intercourse is accompanied by microtrauma with blood in both partners. People who are promiscuous in sexual relations are at risk, they are much more likely to become infected.
The course of viral hepatitis is often accompanied by concomitant diseases: Viral hepatitis and HIV infection often go hand in hand. Hepatitis destroys the liver, the infection helps him in this, speeds up the process and leads to the development of complications. At the same time, weakened immunity contributes to easier penetration of the virus, the minimum dose is enough for such an organism, while the transmission routes practically do not differ, so infection occurs in parallel.

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Among patients with tuberculosis, the incidence of parenteral infections is quite high. This is explained by the fact that a debilitating disease and long-term use of drugs significantly reduce immunity, worsen the condition of the liver. Tuberculosis and viral hepatitis weaken a person. The icteric form is more severe and longer than in ordinary people, the chronic stage does not manifest itself in any way, which is most dangerous, since the patient experiences a load on the organ, taking complex therapeutic treatment.

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Occurs when poisons enter the human circulatory system. There are only three options for their implementation: The acute form will manifest itself a maximum of 2 days after the introduction of toxins into the blood. The chronic course is due to their constant intake in limited doses. The disease manifests itself after months, even years. The mild form is treated, passes without consequences. In the case of severe poisoning, problems characteristic of hepatitis develop.

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